remember when spock told a mobster who was holding him captive that his grammar was incorrect while his goons stood nearby holding semi-automatic weapons and bones figured this was it, the day he was going to die, because of spock telling a mobster he’d just employed a double negative? classic spock

A couple only have eyes for each other at a Beatles concert in Wigan, 13 October 1964.

#i don’t know what i like more; vintage lesbians or the lady in front going fucking apeshit

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It’s nineteen years, thirty-four weeks, one day and fifty-nine minutes later, heretofore known as now. Young Ned has become… the piemaker. And this is where he makes his pies.

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Illustrator Anna Bond and floral designer Amy Merrick.

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what if aos kirk updated his space-instagram when he ended up in the tos universe?

So, I made a thing….It’s an armadillo as Captain America (or vice versa) I think he’s quite cute…….And I’m glad he’s finally done!


Hello, my name is Karissa. Currently going to school for visual arts and psychology (a weird mix I know). Does worrying about what kind of job I'll get in the future count as a major too? I need to start blogging more about my life, and my art work. In the mean time enjoy some lovely Star Trek pictures!